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Accelerating the success of tech startups with capital infusion and value-added opportunities

Founded in 2019, JG Digital Equity Ventures Inc. or JGDEV, is the corporate venture capital arm of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., one of the Philippines' biggest conglomerates with business interests in air transportation, banking, food manufacturing, hotels, petrochemicals, power generation, real estate, property development and telecommunications.


We look for sustainable and scalable business models that can create value to the core businesses of the Gokongwei Group ecosystem with special focus on ecommerce, fintech and supply chain & logistics.  We typically invest in tech startups in their early to growth stages targeting the Southeast Asian market, and more importantly,  led by founders who have the right entrepreneurial mindset, are passionate, great at problem-solving, excellent in execution and have high integrity.

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JGDEV was created to be a gateway between new technologies and talented entrepreneurs who will benefit from the Gokongwei Group's ecosystem whilst simultaneously driving digital transformation for the conglomerate.   The pace of technological progress has been exponential in recent years.  This rapid evolution requires the Gokongwei Group to adopt an agile and innovative mindset to achieve its purpose of an unrelenting commitment to provide our customers with better choices, creating shared success with our stakeholders.  JGDEV is a clear manifestation that the group aims to be a leading conglomerate in the Philippines and ASEAN region.

Lance Gokongwei, JG Summit President & JGDEV President






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Tyme, whose international management arm, TymeGlobal is headquartered in Singapore, is considered as one of the world’s leading digital banking network for emerging markets.  Its bank in South Africa, TymeBank, has attracted 2.8 million customers to its digital banking platform since its launch in early 2019.

Darwinbox Logo.png

Darwinbox operates a cloud-based human resource management platform that takes care of the entire “hiring to retiring” cycle needs of employees.  It handles onboarding of new hires, keeps a tab on their performance, monitors attrition rate, and provides an ongoing feedback loop.  It serves more than 500 firms and more than a million employees in 60 countries.


Growsari helps sari-sari stores digitally procure goods at better prices and deliver the goods to them for free.  Beyond procurement, the startup has also helped turn countless sari-sari stores into “community hubs” that serve as payment centers, ecommerce drop-off points, and Wi-Fi hotspots, among others.

Locad Logo new.png

Locad is the logistics engine for e-commerce brands to automatically store, pack, ship, and track orders across Asia-Pacific.

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eTaily provides brands with end-to-end omni-channel eCommerce solutions. From content production and channel creation to warehousing and fulfillment, Etaily offers a full suite of services encompassing anything brands would need to attract consumers, transact online, and deliver their products.  eTaily is servicing various brands from categories such as fashion, beauty, consumer electronics and home & living, among others.

Sarisuki logo.png


Sarisuki provides high quality products to consumers at more affordable prices via technology and a community buying platform. With SariSuki, anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can generate extra income by becoming a Sarisuki agent – a person who manages his/her own online store to provide daily essentials to his/her community.

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Wavemaker SEA SPV2 SPC has interests in the following: 

  • GudangAda, a Jakarta-based marketplace that helps lower operational costs by connecting principal manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and handling almost all aspects of B2B buying, including deliveries. Its mobile app includes a point-of-sale system and it can also be used to manage orders, track logistics and make payments.  GudangAda is now used by half a million SMEs and covers 500 cities in Indonesia.

  • Silent Eight, a technology company that leverages on AI to create custom autonomous decision-making platforms designed for the Financial Crime Compliance programs of the world's leading financial institutions such as HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.  The company's mission is enabling financial institutions to combat financial crime and terrorist financing.  

iPrice Group Logo.jpg

iPrice is Southeast Asia's leading shopping companion, offering consumers a catalogue of 5 billion products and thousands of coupons to help shoppers make better buying decisions. iPrice is also an e-Commerce enabler that works with various ecosystems through its partnerships with super apps like LINE and Home Credit, and online media such as Rappler PH, The Star MY and Today Online SG, among many others.

Zuzu Logo.jpeg

An all-in-one hotel operating system that provides a revenue management system and a distribution solution for independent hotel operators.
With ZUZU, hotels no longer need to spend excessive time and effort integrating with and managing multiple third party solutions.

zyllem logo.png

A virtual logistics platform that allows companies to have real-time visibility and optimization over their entire logistics network. Zyllem's technology empowers businesses to build their own logistics network, replacing the 4PL in the middle and digitizing the entire process to the last mile driver.


A performance data analytics platform that collects and aggregate consumer data via scanned receipts from shoppers, empowering businesses to understand consumer behavior better.


We would love to hear about your startup. Please tell us what pain points are you trying to solve, your technology, your business model, your key milestones and also something about yourself.

Address:  37/F Cyberscape Gamma, Topaz and Ruby Roads, Pasig City, Philippines

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