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Accelerating the success of tech startups with capital infusion and value-added opportunities

Founded in 2019, JG Digital Equity Ventures Inc. or JGDEV, is the corporate venture capital arm of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., one of the Philippines' biggest conglomerates with business interests in air transportation, banking, food manufacturing, hotels, petrochemicals, power generation, real estate, property development and telecommunications.

Our Investment 

We look for sustainable and scalable business models that can create value to the core businesses of the Gokongwei Group ecosystem with special focus on ecommerce, fintech, supply chain, B2B SaaS and other emerging sectors.  We typically invest in tech startups in Series A & B stages, targeting the Southeast Asian market, and more importantly,  led by founders who have the right entrepreneurial mindset, are passionate, great at problem-solving, excellent in execution and have high integrity.

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JGDEV was created to be a gateway between new technologies and talented entrepreneurs who will benefit from the Gokongwei Group's ecosystem whilst simultaneously driving digital transformation for the conglomerate.   The pace of technological progress has been exponential in recent years.  This rapid evolution requires the Gokongwei Group to adopt an agile and innovative mindset to achieve its purpose of an unrelenting commitment to provide our customers with better choices, creating shared success with our stakeholders.  JGDEV is a clear manifestation that the group aims to be a leading conglomerate in the Philippines and ASEAN region.

Lance Gokongwei, JG Summit President & JGDEV President

JGDEV'S Investment Committee





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JGDEV's Investment Mandate


Series A to Series B

Our investment mandate focuses on nurturing early-stage startups, specifically targeting those in the Series A to Series B stages. We invest in companies that show great potential - with innovative technology, disruptive market model, scalable business, clear path to market leadership and profitability, exceptional team dynamics and clear vision for the future. By concentrating on pivotal growth phases, we aim to fuel innovation and propel promising ventures towards scalable success by working closely with founders to refine their strategies to help achieve their goals.  


Southeast Asian Regional Play

With a keen eye on the burgeoning opportunities in Southeast Asia, our investment mandate underscores a preference for companies establishing a robust presence in this dynamic region as they have the knowledge and expertise on local regulations, culture, and business practices in certain areas where these are critical, and thus, are better equipped to serve the requirements and provide customer support to local clients. By targeting firms with a Southeast Asia footprint, we aim to capitalize on the region's rapid growth trajectory and unlock unparalleled investment potential. 



We are on the lookout for strategic investments that align closely with the objectives of the Gokongwei Group.  Our mandate goes beyond financial investment as we foster symbiotic relationships that maximize value creation for both the invested company and relevant business units within the conglomerate. We try to open up as many opportunities as we can to startups within our growing ecosystem and pursue collaborative synergies to help them achieve their vision faster. 

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